Our Managed Wi-Fi is how you get the

Internet to your guests and event staff.

Have a team or event staff working off of laptops and devices? Have vendors who need secure Wi-Fi for Square and POS Systems?
Need Internet to power your ticketing system? Want guests to be able to share in real time? Then you need Wi-Fi.

Let your guests become

content-creators for your brand.

With reliable Wi-Fi, guests can instantaneously post to Twitter, share photos on Instagram or stream video to Facebook Live, driving up online engagement for your event in real-time. If they have to wait to post ‘til they get home…chances are they won’t (and you’ve missed your shot).

What makes BAI Live’s Managed Wi-Fi

different from everyone else’s?

Custom tailored reliability.

With our proprietary network and team of full-time network engineers who love to geek out on designing the ultimate Wi-Fi
blueprints, we’re able to funnel your Internet however you like…instead of letting it be a free-for-all!

Prioritize different “chunks” of Internet for guests,
vendors, ticketing systems, talent, and VIP’s to ensure that
no one group is sucking up all the bandwidth.
200 Mbps

We are the ONLY Managed Wi-Fi provider that can:

  • Segment and Prioritize Wi-Fi among groups and vendors.
  • Proactively manage and monitor your Wi-Fi network in
    real-time during your event. If bandwidth is getting sucked up
    in one area, we can re-route some from an under-utilized area
    before anyone even catches whiff of a buffer.
  • Create Wi-Fi “heatmaps” and blueprints prior to the event to
    ensure the Wi-Fi network is clear of interference and other
    potential Wi-Fi blocks.
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