We’ve got all the bandwidth you need.

Yup. All of it.

Whether it’s a conference for 100 executives or a music festival for 100,000 fans, our Pop Up Internet has all the bandwidth you could ever need. Go ahead, put us to the test. Stream your event live. Let your guests post pictures to social media. Encourage online fan engagement. We can handle it all.

And if you realize suddenly you need more bandwidth than you thought you would, right in the middle of your event? No problem! We can turn you up instantaneously on-the-spot.

Available on its own or with Wi-Fi and Streaming Services.

This is what really sets us apart.

We are the ONLY temporary Internet company that owns and operates our own Internet network which lets us tailor true, custom Pop Up solutions for all event sizes and budgets without the middle-man drama or technical glitches. Our team of full-time network engineers ensures our high-speed Internet runs seamlessly throughout your event.

Just how good is it?

  • Speeds up to 1-Gig
  • Extra low latency (less than 5 milliseconds…that means it’s super fast)
  • On-Demand Broadband increases
  • Live Human Customer Service (because no one likes talking to robots)
  • Quick on-site installs
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly rates
  • Live monitoring by our own technical engineers (no outsourcing…EVER)

Five-star customer support and service.



Around the clock Technical Support



Not a second of downtime or outages



Average latency under 5 milliseconds

Contact us to learn more about Pop Up Internet.
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