Your event + Live streaming = Global audience.

From concerts to keynote speakers, charity events to championship games, red carpets to real-time gaming competitions, an event live-stream gives you access to an unlimited global audience, helping to build exposure, find new fans and create new interactive opportunities for your guests and remote attendees.
Services available

Live Stream Distribution

Get your live-stream up onto YouTube, Facebook Live and your own website simultaneously (or whatever other platforms you want). We take care of all the coding and distribution, you tell us where you want it!

Live Stream Production

Need some help getting your live stream together? We have cameras, equipment and a team of crew and Sundance award-winning producers to make those dreams a reality.

Live Stream Analytics

Want to know who’s watching your stream? Capture a data snapshot of your online viewers to better understand your audience’s demographics. Gather email addresses of viewers for future events and outreach. Use the data to find the right sponsors and advertisers for your next event.

The 7 reasons why you should live stream your event:

  1. Cultivate a wider audience for your event
  2. Build awareness for your event and brand to an unlimited online audience
  3. Increase demand for ticket sales and admission at future events
  4. Add a new advertising revenue source
  5. Increase visibility for event sponsors
  6. Allow for conference attendees to remotely attend workshops and events
  7. Engage with remote attendees from around the world
    (Viewers comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than regular ones)

Live Streams are the fastest growing sector of

videos watched online.

“The longer the stream lasts,
the better the engagement.”

-Market Drive, April 2016

“We are in the beginning of
a golden age of online video.”

-Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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