Why call ten companies when you can just call one?

BAI Live is the only company to offer an end-to-end solution for temporary Internet, Wi-Fi and streaming services.

We own our Internet network. We have our own team of full-time employees and network engineers. We’re used to last-second requests, venue limitations, budget constraints and high-octane events.

Our team.

When you work with BAI Live, you’re not just getting stellar Internet. You’re getting a first-rate team of networking engineers who geek out for us full-time, a Quality Control department that manages the details and a group of live-stream producers plucked straight from Hollywood.

BAI Live has powered some of the hottest events in
Southern California and Las Vegas including:

BAI Live is a division of Bel Air Internet, a full-scale communications provider that delivers high-speed Internet, DIRECTV and voice services to residential buildings, commercial properties, film studios and hotels throughout Southern California and Las Vegas.